For nearly two decades, Matt Powell's influence has been felt in every facet of the martial art world and fitness world. Training every walk of life, from celebrities to the special forces, soccer mom's to martial art masters, Matt has changed the way tens of thousands of people look at their own capabilities.

Matt has been featured in numerous publications, such as UK Guardian , Chicago Tribune, Blackbelt, Martial Arts Illustrated, The Active Times, Combat Action Network, Recoil, Onnit Magazine, and many others.  Matt has authored books on learning, personal growth, as well as publishing instructional videos, hundreds of videos with over a million minutes viewed on Youtube.

In recent years Matt has turned his down-to-earth, systematic approach on changing the mind and body toward personal growth. Combining his entrepreneurial success and teaching experience, Matt is constantly searching how to develop new methods for changing the mind, body, and spirit.  Co-owner of Explores, LLC with locations in ABQ and ATL, Matt also works in management for a leading security integrator.  When not traveling, Matt spends much of his time in the mountains - hiking with his dogs and enjoying the challenges and inspiration of the outdoors.


Let's talk business with John!

Matt shares he took his local martial arts school and turn it into to a global Internet brand.

Topics discussed during this podcast episode include;
- Free and paid traffic methods Matt us drive visitors to his websites
- How Matt uses expired domain names to increase his search engine rankings
- Matt’s product funnel

And much more!

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Solve a Problem Quickly

The Course!

UNDO comes to UDEMY with an online course to help you undo the past, including  UNDO the book, UNDO the workbook, 2.5 hours of video instruction from Matt, quizzes, 20 minutes of extra video, and more!


Stretch Out!

Over the years we develop limited range of motion, injuries create scar tissue, and before you know it - you can't even bend your knees.  That's no way to live.  

'Really REALLY great video. Thank you. I'm almost a year out from a partial meniscectomy and this vid has been so helpful. Thanks.' - viewer

Try it out...

Chaining strikes together is one of the most important parts of fighting off an attacker for a woman. It's not enough to hit once, or hit with no purpose.

Sarah Jamieson of ONNIT and I worked together on this one - how can one push an attacker, and strike - at the same time for massive effect.